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Best Pets for Apartment Living

Having an apartment can be great. They can be more secure, have no outside chores to do and have the right amount of space for your needs. One thing they’re not great for, however, is pets. You can face a lot of restrictions when it comes to having pets in your apartment – big dogs are a no-no, for example.

So what are your options for a pet to keep you company? Here are some of the best pets for apartment living.

Small dogs

While big dogs might be out of the question in the average apartment, there are plenty of dogs that are better suited to apartment living. Small dog breed like chihuahuas and French bulldogs can adapt easily to apartment living. Why not look at some pug information and find out why these loveable beauties make great pets? Some people buy large crates for their puppies during the day, but many adult dogs will learn how to behave and leave your furniture alone! Your dog will still need regular exercise, so you might want to consider a dog walker if you’re out for most of the day.


Cats make great apartment pets. They can easily enjoy indoor living and providing you don’t mind clearing out a litter tray every day, they’ll be excellent companions in your apartment. Make sure your cat(s) are well fed in the morning and evening and they should be fine on their own. You might want to keep valuables safely out of reach too – cats can climb onto the highest of points and can easily knock things over with those tails of theirs!


An apartment rabbit makes a great companion, but as rabbits can be nervous, it’s not wise to get one if you live in a noisy apartment block or neighborhood. Some rabbits can run around your apartment with no problem, but you should probably only let them under supervision in case they start choosing cables and skirting boards. You can litter train a rabbit to help minimize mess and make it easier for you to clean up after them.


Want a pet that comes with little responsibility but will fit in easily in your apartment? Try a fish! Fish can be beneficial for your mental health, as watching them swim around can be an effective way to relax. Fish need the right equipment and regular cleaning to thrive, while it’s important that you give them the right amount of food too. You can get automatic fish feeders, so if you are going to be away for a period of time, you can go knowing your fish will be taken care of.

While some pets are more suited to apartment living than others, you still need to make sure that you give them plenty of love and attention. No pet should be left on their own for too long, and they can be a big commitment if you’ve never owned one before. Choose your apartment pet carefully, they could be your perfect companion.

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