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Best Cleaning Tricks for Pet Lovers

Keeping your favourite pet is all fun until you have to deal with their mess that comes with additional cleaning responsibility. Pets leave weird smells and stubborn stains on surfaces and coaches and shed hair everywhere, making your cleaning difficult and strenuous. A study by North Carolina State University established that homes with dogs have more bacteria and more types of bacteria in them as compared to homes without dogs. This finding point at the need of upholding cleanliness, especially when you have pets around. Owning a pet and the same time keeping your home spotless doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you have the right cleaning tools as well as products and not forgetting the tips below. 


  1.   Dealing with Pets Stains and Odors

Pet smell is one of the most common problems faced by pet owners and can ruin a home’s reputation. You can effectively get rid of pet smell by using baking soda to clean surfaces, coaches and even their hair. Another way of removing the so-not pleasant pet odour is to use products including dry shampoo, air freshener, lemon, incense sticks detergent, and using a smell absorbing spray. For tough pet stains, you can use enzyme products which contain bacteria and enzymes to eat up the stain within a few fours leaving the surface spotless. Remember always to follow the manufacturers’ instructions on how to use the product to get the best result. 

  1.   Get Rid of the Fur 

It’s almost inevitable to get pet fur everywhere in the house. If you let pet hair build up over time, it’s going to make the cleaning job much more difficult and overwhelming. It’s therefore essential to remove pet hair from surfaces at least once a week using a vacuum pet hair with a HEPA filter. Or if your dog lives outside, you may want to vacuum their bed or mat to control their hair. To remove pet hair stuck on clothes, carpet, sofa or bed, you can use a Lint Roller embedded with several sheets or duct tape embedded on a roller. The hair automatically gets sticks on the sticky roller sheet then you can dispose of the sheet. 

  1.   Change and Clean the litter box often 

Pets, especially cats, will not use a dirty litter box. If you have one cat, you ought to empty the litter daily. If you notice an odour from the litter, you will to scoop the waste or change the litter if the odour persists. Also remember to cover your litter box as it lessens messy foul smell due to the digging and burying action of the cat, as well as it helps reduce foul odours. Alternatively, you can go over self-cleaning litter box review to choose the best litter robot that will automatically scoop and dispose of the waste in an outdoor trash bin saving you the struggle. 

  1.   Clean your pets frequently

For a clean and tidy home, you should first ensure that your pets are clean all the time. Try to wash your pet thoroughly with good pet shampoo at least once a week to remove dirt from their body. When washing your pet, you may want to cover the bath drain using a drain cover then break up and scrub away loose fur during the lathering process.  Pets may dread water but get used to it with time. 

  1.   Keep the entrance clean 

The entrance of your home can get dirty pretty, really fast, especially when you have pets. Your pets can easily accumulate dirt and allergens when taken outside and come along with them inside. Its therefore important keep the house entrance clean and keep a paw mat near the entrance of your home. You can use one which is a microfiber chenille doormat which can absorb dirt, water or mud more than the ordinary mats. Alternatively, you can use some natural hypo-allergic wipes to clean dogs before bringing them inside the home. 

  1.   Keep your home airy 

Pet stink can get really worse when you live in an enclosed space due to lack of air circulation leading to suffocation. It’s therefore important to allow fresh air from outside to circulate in the house by opening windows during the day. Free-flowing fresh air will not only eliminate the foul pet smell but also refreshes the interior atmosphere. 

Cleaning your home when you have pets is a different undertaking altogether. You have to be patient and pay attention to the slightest detail to achieve a spotless home. Nonetheless, the hacks discussed above can enable you to maintain a high level of cleanliness, even when you have pets.   

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