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Who the hell is “Grumpy Cat”?

A Little Bit About Me

I’m the publisher over here at I’ve been in the publishing business for 26 years now and have been quite successful! As you can probably surmise, humility is not one of my virtues! You ask how is this possible – how can a cat have that many years of work experience under his tail? I am 48 people years old…do the math stupid!

I am a very ambitious employer and demand purrfection on a daily basis. It’s a tough job supervising all of the little “pee-ons” that I have hired over the years. You might call me the “Donald Duck” of the publishing world…Not to brag, but some of my apprentices have gone on to become famous in their own right. You might recognize a few of the names.

Dear Tabby, Anne Furry, Lester Colt, Al Croaker, Mareadith Bewara, Catty Couric, Flyin’ Williams, Tom Brokeclaw, Savannah Runfree, Jimmy Fowlin, Pawla Dean, Barka Stewart, Newt Goldfinch, Michael Yelps, Bark Spitz, Dog the Kitty Hunter, Anderson Scooper, Barbara PawPaw, Equus Filliebin, Kitty Ripa and Michael Strayhound, and…my personal favorite chatty catties: Toada Caught-a-Bee and Cathy Flea.These two queens are so much fun to watch on TV but I would suggest they cut back a little on the catnip! Too much of a good thing can cause “Paw in the Mouth” disease! Oh, and we forgot to mention Eelin BeGenerous!

We are really proud of her and are thrilled that she regularly promotes and supports a lot of great animal welfare organizations. Keep up the good work Eelin!

It recently has come to my attention that there is another feline entrepreneur competing with me for the media spotlight! Who the hell is this “Grumpy Cat” character anyway? I see she has landed a cover on an upcoming New York Magazine, has a book deal, is a new spokescat for Friskies pet food, and has also introduced a new coffee line, Grumppuccino™.

I guess I will have to broaden my entrepreneurial horizons if I expect to garner the media attention that my adversary has received. Oh well…I love a good fight! I’ve clawed my way to the top before so no reason why I can’t do it again!

Keep checking our site as we will be adding a lot of great articles and photos as well as a much anticipated “Question & Answer” column about “Yours Truly”. I know a lot of my feline fans want to know all the intimate details of my personal life, my hobbies, likes & dislikes, as well as the secrets of my success. It’s that “enquiring minds want to know” mentality and I am more than happy to indulge my fans!

As a teaser, I will divulge one factoid…I was born cute and have never had any part of my body surgically enhanced (even at 48 years old). Just take a good look at my photo above. It’s called my “Make My Day” look…and I’m naked as a Jay Bird! Since our site is rated PG I made sure that all of my private parts were sufficiently covered! Geez, all I was missing was my bearskin rug! I’ll have to get that out of storage for my next photo shoot! (I should mention here that our place of business is probably the only “clothing optional” publishing office in the country! We find that some of our best work is created in a totally natural, stress-free atmosphere. Of course when members of our staff are out on appointments we insist they wear their clothing!)

Speaking of pet photos, I must share that we have an exclusive contract with the publishing industry’s first feline “supermodel” We call him “The Dewey Zoolander of the Cat World”. Click here to see a few shots from his modeling portfolio!

I hope you will mark our website and come back to sniff out a lot of great information really soon! I do quite a bit of marking myself as you never know when that stuff will come in handy.

Bye for now! I’m on the way to a big squirrel safari with the boys. (And, in case you are wondering…I have no trophy squirrel heads mounted on my office walls. I am a fervent proponent of “Catch and Release”! I find that to be a more humane method of hunting wild game.)

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