Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Can I advertise on

Answer: Yes! We offer 2 types of advertising – Listing Ads (both standard and featured) as well as Banner and Pop-Up Ads  on our content pages and directory/guide pages. Please see our Advertising Page for more details.

Question:  Can I contribute an article to

Answer: Yes, We accept articles AND press releases for publication. However, submitted articles that are loaded with linked keywords for the sole purpose of self-promotion, off-site SEO and back linking will NOT be accepted. Authors will be given a byline which will include the name of their business (if applicable) and a link to their site\’s home page. The content MUST be an original and not be duplicated on any other site – local or nationally, with the exception of press releases.

Question:  How long have you been in business?

Answer: has been in business since May of 2004. Overall, we (our staff) have been in the publishing / advertising / public relations business since 1983. Our media experience encompasses the realm of printed magazines and newspapers, printed guide books, television, advertising agencies, photography, graphics and layout design as well as extensive web publishing and design experience. We employ an all-volunteer staff.

Question:  Do you currently publish any printed pet periodicals in Maryland?

Answer:  NO! We have NEVER published any pet related print publication and have no plans to do so in the future. Read more…

Question: Are you a pet rescue, animal shelter or pet store?

Answer: NO! However we do get phone calls for this sort of thing and are happy to make suggestions to individuals who do call or email about pet adoption, etc. Apparently we are listed as an animal shelter on a few websites. We have also been told that we are also listed as a pet store in the Timonium, Maryland area. We have no idea why we are listed as such and have never operated an animal shelter, pet rescue or pet store!

Question:  Do you have a Facebook Page?

Answer: Yes, it is in the process of being updated. As soon as this is completed we will publish the related address/url.

Stop back soon – more questions and answers coming in the next few weeks!