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Our Mission at, launched in the Spring of 2004, is a comprehensive, on-line pet resource directory serving the residents of Maryland and adjacent areas of Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington DC.

The site offers easy to find information about all types of pet related businesses and services, both non-profit and for-profit, including animal rescue and adoption services, veterinary and health care services, pet supply shops, grooming services, boarding kennels, pet sitters, pet friendly places, and much, much more! and, best of all, it’s a great place to find a loving home for one of the state’s thousands of adoptable animals…from Fur & Feathers to Fins & Scales…you’re sure to find your special pet here on! Peruse hundreds of listings in our Pet Rescue and Adoption section or try our database search!

Businesses and visitors alike are invited to participate in some of the interactive features of our site, such as the pet events calendar, and pet blogs, as well as future pet photo contests! Feedback from our visitors is encouraged and much appreciated as we strive to make the #1 reference site for Maryland animal lovers! Compiled and designed by responsible pet owners,’s staff offers over 30 years of advertising and media experience to its’ business members. Our in-house “pet interns”, Dewey and Chester, eagerly await your questions, comments, and suggestions! Articles related to pet care and animal welfare from pet professionals in the Greater Maryland Area would be greatly appreciated! A by-line and credit will be given for all original works which are published on our site.

The primary goal of is to vigorously support the efforts of the state’s animal welfare organizations, animal shelters and numerous pet rescue groups in their mission to save the lives of homeless animals, prevent animal cruelty, and further educate the public about responsible pet care. Pet businesses in Maryland and surrounding states can help to support this worthy cause by purchasing a business listing (full web page) on*.  Please e-mail if you would like rates and more information about adding your pet business to our website. In turn, website visitors are asked to kindly patronize our online advertisers. also supports the program for “Spay and Neuter” license plates in Maryland, Virginia and Delaware, as well as other fundraising efforts. Please click on the above link for additional information about these great fund raising ideas!

We graciously invite you to join us in our new endeavor with! Remember, every little bit counts! Together we can make Maryland a better, safer, and more humane place for our animal friends!

* supports the adoption of companion animals – dogs, cats, birds and small animals from local animal shelters and rescue organizations and therefore does not accept advertising from breeders OR pet shops who advertise the sale of these animals. We acknowledge that there are many reputable, responsible breeders in the state but strongly believe that we would be defeating our cause by accepting any advertising from these parties. and…please remember to SPAY OR NEUTER your pet…you will be saving lives, as well as improving your pet’s health and life expectancy!


Disclaimer: is published by the Baxter Publishing Group, LLC, Pine Tree Publishing and Creative Critters Web Design. All information contained within is meant for informational purposes only and cannot be guaranteed as to its accuracy. Baxter Publishing Group, LLC, Pine Tree Publishing & Creative Critters Web Design will not be held liable for any losses caused by misinformation or errors in copy (text) on Visitors to the site will use all information at their own risk.

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