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A Step By Step Guide To Making Your Cat’s Fur Soft & Shiny

Most cat owners love cuddling up with their feline on the sofa after a long day at work. The issue is that some folks are less than satisfied with the quality of their animal’s fur. Maybe the cat loves to spend time outside getting itself into a mess? Perhaps it dives straight into any mud or dirt it can find? Cats with personalities like that struggle to maintain their shiny coat. However, there are a lot of things owners can do to make their little friend look and feel as attractive as possible. Just put some of the tips below into action, and owners should notice a vast difference.

Brushing the cat

Most pet stores sell brushes that are specially designed for use on cats. Those items don’t cost much money, but they tend to make a massive improvement to the quality of the coat. Owners should just wait until the animal is sitting in their lap before running the brush through their hair. Most felines love the experience, and so the cat will probably lie there for hours. Some animals might take a short while to get used to the concept, but they’ll come around. Brushing can help to:

Using flea treatments

Lots of people get ripped off when they buy flea pills and solutions. That is because some brands are better than others, and many owners fail to perform enough research. Thankfully, it’s easy to find cat flea treatment reviews online, and so there is no excuse for using an inferior product. In most situations, the owner just has to place a couple of drops of liquid on the cat’s back near the collar. That helps to kill anything living in their coat, and it also improves hair quality in many instances. Just remember when using any treatments of that nature to:

Bathing the cat

Some cats love spending time in the bath with their owners. However, most felines will fight, scream, and do anything possible to avoid the tub. It all comes down to the personality of the individual animal. Still, owners should do their best to wash their pet at least once each week. People who do that will feel the difference in their cat’s fur within a couple of attempts. Cats that are scared of water just need some encouragement. So, try bathing them in the washing up bowl rather than the bath for the best results. Also, wear a long-sleeved top because the animal might decide to use its claws.

With the advice from this article, all cat lovers should manage to make their animal’s fur soft and shiny. If those techniques fail to provide the desired results, just take the feline to see a vet and explain the situation. People in that profession will be in a position to highlight any methods or issues the owner might have overlooked. Also, don’t forget that some cats have thick and coarse coats naturally!


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