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A Complete Guide for Camping with Your Dog

Camping is not only for humans, pets also enjoy going out on a camping trip. Sometimes you feel your vacation wouldn’t be complete without your furry friend. Your pets may not participate in every holiday trip, but camping is the one where they certainly participate.

Be sure to follow this guideline before you start packing for the trip.

Keep Your Dog on Leash

When your dog is in a new environment, it will tempt to explore new places. When they are spooked by something in woods, they instinctively want to run. To avoid any fuss, you must leash your dog in the campground.

Veterinary Visit

Before going on a camping trip, it is a good idea to take your pet dog for a pre-trip veterinary visit. This visit ensures that your dog is healthy enough to go on camping. Also make sure your dog is up-to-date on all of his vaccination before heading out on a camping trip make sure.

It can be difficult for many of us to afford a visit to the vet. But today different insurance companies help you to keep your pet healthy and safe. You can get individual policy for your pet to save maximum from the veterinary fee. It will help you on your camping trip with emergency expenses if your dog falls ill and you require urgent care.

Keep Dog’s Food in Airtight Jars

Feeding your dog something new on a camping trip is not a good idea. To prepare your dog to go on a trip, you should feed your dog the same food which you have decided to take on a camping trip. Buy airtight jars to keep food so that you don’t invite unwanted creature into your camp.

Provide Plenty of Water and Shade

Always keep the water bowl filled and replace it if the pine cones fall. Just to be on safe side, research to find an ideal campsite where you can get plenty of water for your dog. Set your tent where you see more shade of trees otherwise, to keep your pet safe from heat.

Never Leave Your Dog Unattended

Don’t leave your dog unattended because you will not be only one in the campground. There will be other families and pet too. It is also a rule of campgrounds to keep the pets on a leash at all time.

Bring Crate

If your dog feels more comfortable in the crate, bring it with you. It helps to keep your pet more comfortable and ensure its safety.

Chew Toys

A chew toy gives your dog to do something in the campground while you are busy. Don’t give bones to your dog, because bones can attract the other wild animals.

First Aid Box

Keep a first aid box with you before going on camping with your dog. First aid box must-have supplies for dogs include:

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