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7 Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean If You Have a House Dog

If you have a house dog, you’re probably used to your home being filthy. Check out seven tips that will help you keep things clean. Having a dog in your house can be both exciting and rewarding. However, it can also lead to a perpetual mess. After all, dogs are exactly known for their cleanliness.  That said, there are some things you can do to combat the problem. Curious as to what these things are? Here are 7 tips for keeping your home clean when you have a house dog. 

  1. Invest in Easy-to-Clean Furniture

If you’re like most modern pet owners, you allow your dog to climb up on your furniture. While this has its positives, it has some negatives as well. Namely, it enables your dog to rub dirt, grime, and foul odors into the fabric. To counteract this problem, you have two options: 1. You can train your dog to stop climbing on the furniture, or 2. You can invest in furniture that’s easy to clean. Since you’re probably reluctant to initiate the former, you’re advised to go with the latter.  The question you might have is: which fabrics are the easiest to clean? Generally speaking, leathers and microfibers. These materials can be quickly wiped down with a wet and soapy rag, allowing for quick and convenient maintenance day in and day out. 

  1. Bathe Your Dog Regularly

If you have a dog, you already know: they get into everything. Unfortunately, this often leads to dirty and smelly fur. And when this dirty and smelly fur is allowed to roll all over the house, it’s bound to make the house dirty and smelly as well.  So, how can you get around this problem? While it can’t be eliminated entirely, it can be reduced with the use of regular baths. By bathing your dog on a consistent basis, you’ll keep dirt and odor buildup to a minimum.  For long-haired dogs, you should consider baths once every one or two weeks. For short-haired dogs, you can make do with monthly baths. 

  1. Brush Your Dog Regularly

Not only should you bathe your dog regularly, but you should also brush your dog regularly. By brushing your dog every 2 or 3 days, you eliminate fur buildup. By eliminating fur buildup on your dog, you eliminate fur buildup on your floors and furniture as well.  Plus, you help to do away with some of the bacteria that’s caught in your dog’s fur. In doing so, you increase the cleanliness of both your dog and your house. 

  1. Clean Your Dog’s Bedding

It’s not just your dog itself that you have to keep clean, but the things with which your dog comes into contact as well. As such, you need to do what you can to keep your dog’s bedding clean. If you’re cleaning your dog regularly, but are failing to clean its bedding, you might as well not be cleaning your dog at all. After all, he or she is going to climb back into the bedding, at which point, he or she will again begin to carry around foul odors and bacteria.  At a minimum, you should wash your dog’s bedding every week. That said, the more you wash it, the cleaner your home will be. 

  1. Refuse to Toy Around With Toys

When it comes to toys, dogs are unpredictable. Some toys will be torn to pieces; Some toys will be cherished and loved; Some toys will be ignored entirely. As the pet owner, it’s your responsibility to assess your dog’s relationship with his or her toys, and then act so as to reduce the clutter and mess as much as possible. Has your dog shredded a particular toy to pieces? If so, you should consider tossing it in the trash. After all, at this point, it does little more than hold bacteria and drag down the aesthetic of your home.  Does your dog ignore a particular toy on a regular basis? If so, you should consider donating it to a friend or a shelter.  But what about the toys that your dog actually likes? What should you do with them? The best practice is to keep them stored in a single area (ie. a bin, a toy chest, etc.).  By keeping these toys stored in one area, you can limit the spread of bacteria. Not to mention, you can reduce visual clutter. 

  1. Vacuum Frequently

In truth, it doesn’t matter how much you bathe and brush your dog; It’s still going to dirty up your house on a regular basis. This is one of the realities of owning a furry pet.  Of course, just because fur gets everywhere doesn’t mean it has to be stood for. It can be easily eliminated with the use of a vacuum. By stepping up your vacuum game from once a week to 2, 3, or 4 times a week, you can drastically improve the look and cleanliness of your house. 

  1. Buy a Hypoallergenic Breed

If your issue is less with the cleanliness of your house, and more with the fact that you’re allergic to dogs, you might consider buying a hypoallergenic breed. These dog breeds have little impact on allergic individuals, allowing them to breathe easy without fear of red eyes or chronic sneezing. Some hypoallergenic dog breeds include the Yorkshire Terrier, the Bichon Frise, and the Russian Blue, to name just a few. Bigger breeds include the Mexican Hairless Dog, the Schnauzer, and the Italian Greyhound.  Regardless of the size, look, and temperament you prefer, there is a hypoallergenic dog that will accommodate you. 

Need More Help Caring for Your House Dog?

Now that you’ve learned how to negate the mess caused by your house dog, you might be looking for other dog care tips. If so, you’re in the right place. Our website has you covered.  We cover everything from dog training to dog hygiene to dog activities and more. Browse our other articles now! 

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