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7 Ridiculously Expensive Dog Products That Are a Waste of Money

Dogs are adorable, and we all love them. They are part of the family and treated as one. If you have a pup or a grown dog, you probably like to pamper it as much as possible. There are those supplies that are essential for your pet’s growth and overall health. On the other hand, some accessories and supplies are purely for luxury. They are ridiculously expensive, and your pet can do without them.

Unfortunately, manufacturers have led pet owners to believe that their dogs cannot do without some of these items.  These claims are purely for marketing purposes, and they are only meant to get you to spend your hard-earned money on meaningless products. However, you don’t have to suffer anymore. Here are ridiculously expensive dog products that are a waste of money and that you should scrape off your budget.

1. Dog Perfume

Dog perfume is an unnecessary purchase that will cost you several dollars. Most products in the market cost over $50, and they claim to keep your dog smelling fresh and fruity all day. This purchase is a waste of time. All your dog needs to smell nice is a regular bath with sweet smelling and quality shampoo. No amount of perfume will eliminate a whole week’s stench if you don’t bath your dog. If you want your dog to smell nice, spray a little air freshener on them. Save your money for a perfume that humans can wear.

2. Premium Dog Food

You have seen it or even spent money on it. Premium dog feed is another gimmick of advertising companies to get you to pay extra for the standard pet food. The FDA has standards on pet food labels, and all manufacturers are required to adhere to them. Anything else you see on labels indicating “human-grade” “gluten-free” or “premium” is just a fancy word to get you to spend extra on the food. Resist the gimmick and go for the normal dog food. Your pet will be as healthy as all the others that feed on “premium” food.

3. Breed-Specific Dog Food

Just like premium foods, breed-specific dog food is overhyped. The claims that breed-specific foods meet specific dietary requirements of different breeds are not always true. As long as your dog is getting a balanced diet that is vet-approved, you don’t have to worry about breed issues. However, this does not mean that breed-specific dog food is bad. It’s only costlier than regular food and not worth the extra dollar you spend on it. However, note that claims that certain foods have ingredients from the country of origin of the dog breed are in most cases a marketing stunt.

4. Luxury Accessories

You want to spoil your dog with luxury beds, leashes, coats, toys, and all other supplies. But are they worth it in the end? Some luxury products are pretty pricey, and your dog won’t even differentiate between them and a regular product. Don’t sweat it.

Go for accessories that you can afford as long as they are of good quality and your dog will be comfortable. However, if you want to buy from famous brands, consider affordable ones like Hunter Brand. Look for a reputable supplier of Hunter Brand dog products, and you will get quality accessories at pocket-friendly prices.

5. Dog Stroller

You recently got a young pup and felt like he is not yet ready to walk. So you are thinking about investing in a stroller to walk the puppy. A dog stroller is an unnecessarily expensive accessory. Puppies can walk fine even at a young age. They require regular exercise to strengthen the leg muscles, and you won’t be doing yours any good if you keep pushing it in a stroller. Do your dog a favor and start to walk him a few times every week until it gets used. If you are worried that the pup cannot walk, carry him on your lap.

6. Professional Grooming

You may have heard that your dog requires some extra love during grooming to look his best. This means that you need to take your dog for professional grooming. However, one session will cost you several tens of dollars. This cost is unnecessary. While some breeds do require professional grooming once in a while, most don’t. All you need is to bath your dog, brush his hair, and trim his nails once in a while. All this can be achieved with a home kit that will cost you less than $5.

7. Pet Supplements

You probably spend a few hundred dollars every month on dog supplements. After all, your dog needs the vitamins, right? Well, not always. Just because you take supplements such as vitamins doesn’t mean that your dog needs them. As long as they get all the necessary nutrients from their diet, dogs will do fine without supplements. The products are not only expensive but seem to add no value to a healthy dog. Even if your dog needs the supplements, it would be advisable to consult your vet before buying any product on the market.

You don’t have to waste money anymore on these incredibly expensive items that your dog can do without. Learn to recognize marketing stunts that are meant to get you to spend your money on unnecessary things. If you are not sure of an item, consult your vet – they will probably tell you that it is a waste of money and not worth the investment.

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