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7 Dog Boarding Secrets Revealed

The dog is man’s best friend. Have you watched “A Dog’s Way Home?” That’s one of the greatest movies of 2019. Moving forward, if you love your dog and treasure its company, you would want to go with it to work or on vacation, but unfortunately, some settings have their restrictions on pets.

So, before carrying your beloved pup along, find out whether there is a boarding facility or kennel nearby. However, there are some things about dog boarding that you might not know. Let’s explore these seven secrets.


1. You Should Reserve in Advance

You probably don’t know it yet, but you can’t just assume there are as many kennels as grocery stores in your city. The available kennels fill up fast and to make sure you don’t miss some space, call and reserve a place as soon as you plan a trip.

Try to make it three or two weeks in advance and if the date falls on an important holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas, book two months before to make sure your dog doesn’t miss a place.


2. Find All The Info About The Facility

It’s good to know about the conditions of your dog or what will happen during its stay at the boarding facility. You have probably heard about dogs being mauled to death in these dog boarding setups.

Your dog’s security should be your utmost concern. You should also know how your dog will coexist with the others and whether the dog boarding is 24/7, 365 days operational. Ensure that your dog’s needs can be met and that they can get good housing.


3. Go For A Deal With Package Rates

Are you looking to save some money? Whether yes or no, you don’t have to pay more when you can spend less. Many dog boarding centers offer packages at discounts and have bonus amenities.

Do some research in advance to find a kennel that offers better deals. You should be aware that dogs that stay for almost a week or longer have a higher chance of getting discounts than those which stay overnight.


4. Give Out All The Information

The dog boarding center will ask you a couple of questions before taking your dog in. They will want to know all the details about your pup which will help them understand your pet better. Don’t feel irritated with the questions. Instead, give as much information as possible.

You should explain your dog’s behavior, its health history, give your email and cell number, and the vet’s number just in case.


5. Get Your Dog Used to Boarding

How do you feel when you are in a new place? Welcomed, but somehow confused and a bit scared? That’s how your dog feels as well when it goes to a boarding facility for the first time.

Some boarding facilities have a minimum age limit, and you need to take that seriously. Show your dog that a boarding facility is a comfortable place where it will be spending some hours frequently. Help your dog get used to changing the environment from its younger age. Leave your dog for a brief period to get used to the place.


6. Avoid Making a Show

When you drop your dog off, don’t make it emotional. We know that you and your dog love each other, but it’s not going to be the last time you see each other most likely.

Being too much emotional can incite anxiety in your dog. The smooches and cuddles can also make your dog feel uncomfortable with the boarding.


7. Make Sure That Overnight Staff Is Available

Some dog owners might want to leave their dogs at night, especially if they are on a shift.

As a dog owner, it’s important to confirm that there will be some staff giving care to your dog until you come back for it.



Pets have feelings too. The worst thing you can do to your dog is caring less. If you love your dog, dedicate yourself to it, and whenever you are not around, you can always take it to a dog boarding. Remember to consider the secrets above.

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