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6 Benefits Of Walking Your Dog

Say ‘walk’ to your dog, and they might wag their tail in delight. Although walking your pet pooch may make the animal happy, you, as a pet owner, may not feel excited about this particular activity. However, understanding the many benefits of dog walking might change your mind. Here are six advantages of walking to you and your dog:

Teaches Obedience

Do you often come home to a messy living space because the dog loves to chew on the sofa?  Is ‘Fido’ defecating or urinating indoors instead of in the yard? Note that shouting at or hitting your pet may only make those problems worse. Instead, what you can do is teach your dog discipline and obedience, such as by walking them daily, instead of screaming over their bad habits. However, this activity won’t be without its distinct set of challenges. Your pet might feel extremely excited to go out and about the property. So, your furry four-legged companion might tug at their leash or harness in an attempt to go to unexplored areas. If that happens, don’t give the leash or harness a hard pull as doing so will physically harm your dog. Instead, give the lead a light tug whenever the animal begins to feel the excitement. This technique may take several days or weeks of practice, but your pet will eventually get the idea. 

But, if you find it daunting to tug at your dog’s leash or harness constantly, you can opt for a no-pull harness instead. You can find out more about no-pull harnesses by clicking on the link. Nonetheless, this alternative option should provide a snug fit for the animal’s body. Moreover, if the pet starts to move away from you during walks, the no-pull harness will keep them safe from pain and apply a gentle nudge of obedience training. 

Now, you might wonder, “What does dog-walking to teach the animal obedience have for you?”  Teaching your pet to be obedient may take a lot of patience and understanding. Hence, you’ll build this quality through constant practice.  

Helps You Achieve A Healthy Weight

Obesity can be a major health issue for both the dog and the pet owner. They’ll be at risk of health complications, such as cardiovascular disease and stroke, if their body weight is heavier than normal. Regular exercise is one of the essential elements of a healthy lifestyle, and walking can be a primary component of that routine. But, you might think that walking won’t burn a ton of calories, unlike high-intensity exercises. 

Note that Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the US, once said, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”  You can also relate that famous adage to personal and pet health. In other words, you can say something, like, “Each calorie burned will make you one step closer to achieving a healthy weight.”

Always keep in mind that the path to a healthy weight for you and your canine companion starts with a single step. Start taking your dog for walks daily, and you should start seeing results in no time.

Improves Joint Health

People and pets alike tend to suffer from stiff joints when following a sedentary lifestyle. On that note, many dogs tend to follow the lifestyles of their fur parents. For example, you might be sitting in front of your computer for eight hours every day. Your canine companion will be in the immediate vicinity while you’re working since the animal might think that there’s nothing better to do. 

However, keeping the joints in stasis for extended periods may lead to health problems. Immobility might even be the precursor to certain ailments, like arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Preventing these health complications from happening may not require expensive and extensive medical solutions. Instead, you can take your pet out for a walk every day. Consider walking with your animal friend for at least 30 minutes daily. This amount of time should be enough for both parties to gain sufficient movement in the joints, particularly in the legs and feet. 

May Reduce Blood Pressure

Walking may also help improve blood pressure levels in both the dog and the pet owner. As per the American Heart Association, any aerobic activity of moderate intensity for about 30 minutes per day for five days a week helps lower blood pressure. As a bonus, these activities may also improve overall cardiovascular health. Walking the dog may also help prevent high blood pressure-related risks. These potential dangers may include heart attack, aneurysm, metabolic syndrome, and dementia.

Improves Mood

The exercise you get from walking your dog may affect your physical and emotional well being. 

Note that relatively any exercise you do will make your brain release neurochemicals called endorphins, which are popularly referred to as ‘happy hormones.’  Walking the dog may improve your and your pet’s mood, thanks to this substance. It’s because endorphins tend to activate the mind’s natural reward circuits, which tend to operate after doing activities like eating, drinking, and exercising. A surge of these hormones may help minimize discomfort, which may help you go through the day with a smile on your face. 

As for your dog, the animal’s stress level may drop as you walk around the neighborhood. Perhaps, one of the reasons is because the pet gets to spend time with their favorite person in the world.

Increases Social Connections

Know that you’re not the only dog lover in the neighborhood and the rest of the world. Hence, what better way to meet other like-minded folks than to take your pet for a walk?  Many humans and their four-legged companions tend to be social creatures; they thrive on social interactions and meeting other dog lovers. 


Walking the dog presents several benefits to your and your fur baby’s overall wellbeing. This particular activity teaches obedience, improves physical health, and promotes social interactions. Start taking ‘Fido’ for a walk today, and you might start saying ‘Hello’ to the start of a healthy lifestyle for you and your pet. 

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