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5 Tips To Support Your Anxious Dog

Looking after a dog is a huge responsibility, there are so many important aspects of dog ownership. Keeping your dog healthy and happy isn’t always easy, some dogs are more prone to anxiety than others. There are several signs that your dog might be experiencing anxiety, including:

Many of these symptoms are displayed by dogs without anxiety. The key difference is how often your dog is displaying this behavior and under what circumstances. If you are worried that your dog may have anxiety, you should discuss their symptoms with a vet. Luckily, there are many ways that you can support an anxious dog. For a few starting ideas, check out these.

  1. Massage Your Dog 

According to Cesarsway, ‘A massage can increase your dog’s circulation, decrease blood pressure, improve lymphatic fluid movement, strengthen his immune system, aid digestion, stimulate the kidneys and liver, and encourage deeper breathing.’

If your dog experiences anxiety, a massage can help them to feel more calm and at ease. To massage your pooch, rub your hand around their shoulders and neck, use the heel of the hand, to encourage circulation. Massage their legs by pressing with your fingers, and making circular motions.

2 . Regular Exercise

When you exercise your dog, you’ll raise their endorphin levels. Endorphins can help to ease the symptoms of anxiety, ensuring that your dog feels happier and more content. When you take your dog for a walk it’s best to use a dog harness, instead of a dog collar.

When a dog pulls on a leash that’s connected to a collar, this can put strain on their neck. To ease stress, and prevent injuries, a harness is a better option. Try a reversible harness, these come in a range of attractive designs.

  1. Play Music For Your Pet 

If your pooch is anxious, music is a great way to calm them down. Check out the ‘Calming Music For Pets’ app. It’s a great tool to find relaxing music for both dogs and cats. There are many soothing tracks to choose from, all especially selected to calm your dog. Here you’ll find tracks such as ‘Animal Reiki’, ‘Holistic Healing’ and ‘Animal Trainer.’ There are many benefits of music therapy for dogs, including:

  1. Try CBD Oil

CBD is a natural product derived from one compound of the marjuana plant. In the last few years, CBD sales have skyrocketed. The product is marketed as a natural way to treat a variety of ailments. According to HealthLine, ‘Some studies and anecdotal evidence have found that it may be helpful in treating conditions like anxiety, pain, cancer, and arthritis.’ If you’re considering giving your dog CBD it’s best to perform your own research. Look for a high quality product, and check out reviews.

Using these five tips you’ll improve the health and wellbeing of your anxious dog.

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