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5 Reasons to Do Research Before You Get Your Puppy

Thinking about getting a dog? There are few milestones in life as exciting as that one! It’s often stated that puppies are a lot of work, but what really goes into finding the right one? Here are five reasons to do research before you get your puppy.

Each breed brings something different to the table. Bringing home a French bulldog will give your home one kind of energy. Bringing home a Border Collie will give a very different kind.  So take some time to think through your own energy levels. After a long day at work, are you itching to hit the trails? Or would you rather lounge on the couch?  A breed that matches your energy levels will be a much better fit. Just be prepared to get through the puppy phase. It can last years for some breeds!

Certain breeds are more prone to particular health issues than others. Large breeds like German Shepherds may be more likely to develop hip dysplasia. Collies can have a condition known as Collie eye anomaly.  Some breeds, like Boxers, have a shorter lifespan than others. It’s important to do thorough research into the breed you’ve selected.

From toys and food to beds, bowls, and blankets, puppies need a lot of gear! Knowing what to expect with a puppy will help you determine what supplies you’ll need.  Are you going to crate train your puppy? Do you want a long leash or a retractable kind? Are you going to housebreak them with puppy pads?  Do your research and know what supplies to get for your puppy.

If you’re not looking for a purebred puppy, check with your local shelters. They may have puppies of all sorts waiting to find their forever homes.  If you do want a purebred puppy and have your breed picked out, search for local breeders. If your breed of choice is on the rare side, you may have to travel a bit to get to your breeder.  Look for breeders with strong accreditation. Are they certified with the American Kennel Club? Are their dogs microchipped, vet checked, and socialized before pick-up?  These are all important things you need to think about to pick the right breeder.

Finally, it’s good to research how to choose a puppy. Sometimes, breeders will assign you a certain puppy from the litter. Other times, you put a deposit down and then pick from the bunch.  Picking up a puppy can be a good indicator of the dog’s personality. If they’re calm and still when you pick them up and hold them, they probably have a more laid-back temperament. If they kick wildly, they’re probably more energetic.

Before You Get Your Puppy: Be Prepared

Looking into each of these aspects of adoption will help prepare you before you get your puppy. A puppy is a long-term commitment, so do your research and find a best friend to go the distance with.

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